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Conscious catalyzes personal and professional development through coaching and training. Our work is based on the iConscious Model, our cutting-edge framework that streamlines the human development process from a holistic perspective. We activate growth in five major Domains (Consciousness, Uniqueness, Mind, Emotions, and Body) and 4 Views (Subjective, Observable, Relational, and Systemic). We stimulate rapid personal and interpersonal evolution by measuring it and offering the most effective practices needed at each stage of the process. We are here to make living our full potential together the new normal.


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To build the foundation of iConscious, we started by asking 2 crucial questions: 1) What are the primary dimensions of growth in humans?, and 2) What is the fullest extent of the human development process we can find evidence for? Our White Paper outlines our findings over 5 years of research ranging from the last 100 years of psychology as well as ancient consciousness traditions. We produced a chart comparing how 15 prominent researchers and traditions visualized the extent of the human development process. We produced another chart comparing how 22 respected authorities addressed the 5 Domains we found are essential to work with. From this information, we created the iConscious model to show what we believe is the most comprehensive framework for understanding whole being human development. We then showed our work to industry leaders, each of whom was so enthusiastic that they wanted to be on our Board of Advisors.


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Our work has been so admired that we were invited to write dialog and provide basic evolutionary frameworks for the Loving AI Project, which programmed the famous robot Sophia to act as a human development coach with remarkable results. Our knowledge is currently being used for digital apps for accelerating human development.


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Our groundbreaking new book, iConscious, accelerating human potential is a compact, engaging, and easy-to-understand overview of the full extent and depth of conscious human development as seen through the iConscious Model. It offers clear definitions and hundreds of examples, quotes, images, anecdotes, and practices to help you understand how to most directly evolve through 14 different stages in the domains of Consciousness, Uniqueness, Mind, Emotions, and Body. You can buy it on Amazon or better yet, CLICK HERE to get a copy FREE.

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